And now you might scratch your head thinking “What on Earth is she talking about ? ” so let me explain : 


 I’m part of the “31 Days Of Crochet Business Blogging Challenge” started by Sara Duggan and today we’re pinning on Pinterest.

It’s also my turn to be the Hostess and this Sunday it’s Irish Crochet that’s our theme. Time go find me some Irish Crochet!


 cro-pinteresting Sunday


Since I’m the hostess this week, I’m also the one to choose next weeks hostess and theme.

So are you ready ? 

Drumrolls please…..


Next weeks hostess will be Amy Brewer and the theme will be bags and purses.


If you’re not part of the challenge. You can find out more about it on Sara’s page Crochetbusiness ,but let me tell you something. It’s an awesome challenge to be part of and I’m really happy that I found it !


Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by.