Hi there, I’m so happy  you stopped by my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay  🙂 

My name is Henriette , sometimes also known as Ferretmania and I’m from Denmark. I’m the woman behind Creative Crochet And Knitting and the proud mom of 3 girls.


How it all began.


 I learned the basics of knitting when I was a child, but it wasn’t until my early adulthood I started to learn the more advanced stitches, by reading how-to’s in books or magazines. Mind you, that was in Danish.

Then I discovered all these gorgeous garments on Vogue Knitting, but they were all written in English-US. So what’s a girl to do eh ?

For me, well I started teaching myself all the abbreviations and terms, by reading tutorials or descriptions around the Internet. Not sure where my brain was at that time, ’cause it never occurred to me to go look on YouTube. Stupid really, since there’s a lot of great tutorials there.


Up until the beginning of 2012, I never really crocheted, except a few simple borders on knitted pieces. I always thought it looked so difficult.

Until someone wanted me to make a beanie.

Since I couldn’t find a pattern in Danish that was quite right,  I started browsing for English-US patterns and whoa, did I find patterns, a whole bunch of them, both beanies and others, I wanted to do.

So I started to teach myself to crochet in English-US and a whole new World opened, filled with all kinds of gorgeous patterns.Since then I’ve become a yarnaholic and a patternhoarder. I can never get enough of all the beautiful patterns there’s out there.

 A lot of projects later with custom sizing and such, I’ve finally decided to start designing my own patterns.


 I hope , that by telling you about what I work on and enjoy doing, you’ll be inspired to try new projects or get ideas to what you want to work on or learn  next.


I’m also going to make a toolbox with tutorials and such, so you’ll have a place to look for information or help. Even though my main focus will be Tunisian Crochet, I will also cover most other techniques in both knitting and crocheting.



If for some reason you don’t knit or crochet yourself  and you see something you want to have done, and there’s a pattern for it, I do custom orders. Feel free to send me a message with and inquiry, and I’ll calculate a price for you, no strings attached. If you live outside Denmark be aware that shipping can be quite expensive.

You can sometimes find finished items for sale in my shop.


 Have a great day and thanks for reading 🙂